Often it only takes a new point of view that provides solutions for your daily work. As a reflection partner and “pulsing device” I accompany you as a top performer on your way to meet your goals. I support you to professionalize you reception and your professional behavior/actions

Executive Coaching:

Together we work on the development of your leadership skills e.g. professionalizing your communication skills or finding and reflecting your very personal leadership style.

Career Coaching:

Together we prepare you for new tasks and responsibilities and work on your potentials.


I support you in finding the keys to a more effective work style, to minimize disruptions and waste of time, to set clear goals and to prioritize and delegate. Together we take a look at your approaches and develop the best solution for you.

Here are some of the topics that I work on with my clients:

  • Solving conflicts with superiors, with the own team or with peers.
  • Developing courses of action.
  • Developing clear and transparent communication and actions towards the team, the department and/or the organization.
  • Handling new tasks and responsibilities – or a new position.
  • Handling and acting in case of a promotion e.g. new requirements in old structures and with the „old“ team.
  • Defenition and reflection of your role and role understanding.
  • clear contracting

  • systemic work

  • jointly check of the achievements

Coaching at a glance

  • Joint meeting to explain and define the problem/task and my role being your coach.
  • Joint work on your „pain-points“.
  • Final discussion to align the reached goals and next steps.

You want to better lead your employees and yourself?

You want to be an authentic leader?

You feel that you want to make a change?

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