listen – understand – integrate

As a consultant I do not know things better – I try to look at thing from a different perspective.

In my role as a consultant, I utilize the systemic approach and listen first. Very often, you have tried a lot of things yourself, and there has been a lot of energy utilized to solve a problem. There are a lot of good reasons why things are done in a certain way. And that needs to be appreciated.

For you that means, you made a lot of experiences, and your experiences could be part of the solutions.

My job as a consultant is, to look at things differently and then to develop realistic alternatives.

It is you who decides, if these options are acceptable for you.

A foundation of my work is, to create an individual approach to meet your requirements and needs. Therefore we will create the charter together, define milestones together and check on the success together.

  • a clear charter and role definition

  • continuous progress reporting

  • same perspective on targets and objectives


I do have a extensive know-how of the airline industry and bridge the gap between process definition and technical implementation. Specially in the area of Process Management, Passenger Solutions and Fraud-Prevention I can fallback to extensive know-how.

In the area of Human Resources I do develop career paths, plans for personnel development and support leaders in the area of Employee Feedback programs.


consultancy without advices

listen – understand – integrate