Personality Coaching

get to know yourself 

(Re)discover your own competencies and capacities to act.

Do you know the feeling of somehow struggling a hamster running wheel. You seem to never arrive anywhere and ask yourself: what for?

Do you have the feeling of not knowing anymore: where do I want to go?

These are all natural questions that occur at certain stages or points in life. This is exactly where a personal coaching can support you. Together we can reflect your situation at eye level and also appreciate the so far achieved things in your life. We analyze your current situation and together we work on alternatives of action. This is how you get back the control of your life. You get to know yourself and your needs better and therefore you can even better shape your life.

Your actions become clearer to you and you act here and now. You are the most important person in this process and you keep the control.

You want to have a happier life?

You want to further develop your personality?

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space for your situation

a protected atmosphere

new perspectives

 support of your own competences

we work together on your alternatives

tools to support you

Personal coaching / Life Coaching in a nutshell:

Together we analyze you problems on eye level.

Together we develop acceptable options of action

We develop your perspectives together.

You are in control of the process – at every time.

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